Yarden House

Tags: private, residential, new build

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  • Client: Private
  • Value: Confidential
  • Start Date: December 2010
Yarden House Interrobang front view render
Yarden House Floor Plan Interrobang
Yarden House Interrobang street view render

The Yarden houses are a high density infill project converting the rear extension of an 1850s Victorian house and its end of terrace Yarden into two small houses.

For the Victorian conversion we have purged the building of many layers of poor quality modern materials and returned to the old school recipe of breathable walls and radiant heat. Lime plaster and sheep's wool insulation absorb moisture and filter the air while a new heated slab and wood stove push the ever encroaching damp back out to whence it came. The interior rejects the market lead wisdom of the more bedroom the better and remains mostly open plan. A sleeping loft is added to the top level thereby converting a pokey 2 storey 2 bed into a spacious 2 and a half storey studio house.

While the converted house is a miniature version of its larger Victorian neighbours the new house becomes an exaggerated caricature of the bay window. The triangular ground floor plan is sandwiched between a full basement with sunken terrace and a small first floor living room with writing loft to form a 3 and a half storey 60 sqm tower house. The two can work together as a double house around a common courtyard or as two separate dwellings.