Glass Cave

Tags: arts, exhibition, surprise

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  • Client: Private
  • Value: Confidential
Glass Cave Approach Interrobang
Glass Cave Block Detail Interrobang
Glass Cave Render Interrobang
Glass Cave Plan Interrobang
Glass Cave Elevation Interrobang

This pavilion was designed for an exhibition space, to provide visitors with a quiet, dark and still enclosure.

FoamGlas is a load-bearing insulation material made from cellular recycled glass, and is utilised in this design for its acoustic, structural and aesthetic qualities. 100mm of FoamGlas provides 28dB acoustic reduction; it has high compressive strength, and the enclosed air pockets in its cellular glass structure make it dark in colour.

The pavilion is a stacked structure, with piles of FoamGlas to ballast the cantilevers that form the roof. These stacked blocks create an articulated surface, which together with the darkness of the material provide a mysterious volume that draws visitors in. The interior is quiet and cavernous, offering a confined space for sound and light installations.