Felt Den

Tags: community, arts, exhibition, surprise, new build, temporary

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  • Client: Private
  • Value: Confidential
  • Start Date: September 2016
Felt Den Internal View Interrobang
Felt Den Isometric View Interrobang
Felt Den Render Interrobang

In response to a brief that called for a snuggly retreat, we designed an inhabitable felt chandelier.

Felt is made by matting and compressing fibres or fur using heat, moisture and pressure. It is one of the oldest fabrics known to man as it was simpler for ancient man to make than woven fabrics as it does not require a loom. Felt can be made with varying fibres and to different densities, meaning that it has a wide variety of applications from aerospace to aerosol-applied false hair. Felt is a soft yet strong material that can be cut and dyed. It doesn’t fray or require hemming and can be fixed together mechanically in a myriad of ways from stitching to bolting. It absorbs sound creating a calm, quiet atmosphere. We therefore felt that felt would be an ideal material from which to make a structurally ambitious blanket den.

The structure comprises a circular array of felt arches with hanging loops for snuggling in. In section, the felt references the profile of a medieval window frame that is multiplied and rotated to create a dome-like interior. The structure would accommodate humans as well as books and curiosities within its pockets.