Eastcote Town Centre

Tags: community, commercial, retail, surprise, refurbishment

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Eastcote Town Centre Photo interrobang
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As part of wider improvement works, Interrobang are working with local independent businesses and craftspeople to rejuvenate Eastcote town centre.

The project comprises the refurbishment of over a dozen local shops and a new graphic identity for the town. In order to enable the project to genuinely achieve its aspirations of improving the local economy, our designs are being driven by the skills local to the area. In this way the project seeks to go beyond curating a facelift to brokering relationships between local businesses. Shopfront designs are being developed in close collaboration with the proprietor responding to the individual requirements of their business and customers. Individual businesses are then awarded grants to pay for shopfront improvements designed to respect the nearby conservation area and aspirations of the town. In addition to the shop front improvements, we are creating an identity for the town, drawing inspiration from the heritage of the area and encouraging pride in local businesses. Working with graphic designers we are developing lettering and a graphic identity for use around the town and ‘branding’ the improvement works. Illustrated here is some of our research and work in progress.