Clipsham Tine Bridge

Tags: infrastructure, stone, bridge

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  • Client: Confidential
  • Value: Confidential
  • Start Date: December 2015
Clipsham Tine Bridge Elevation View Interrobang
Clipsham TIne Bridge Isometric View Interrobang
Clipsham Tine Bridge Render Interrobang

This post-tensioned stone bridge is made from alternating Clipsham and granite tines. The granite forms the deck and arch spanning across the water while the Clipsham works in compression with the granite as well as providing the balustrade. Each Clipsham tine is profiled, retreating to reveal the granite tines as they form the arch. Post-tensioned stone provides an extremely robust, low carbon structure that will age well. The tendons allow this substantial structure to hang almost inconceivably above the water.